Hemispherical Latching MIL-C-26482 Connector 3LO-927


The Inertia Switch model 3LO-927 is a highly reliable latching inertia/impact switch used for various military and commercial aviation applications. The specified g level is preset at the factory. When predetermined g levels are exceeded by the aircraft in any direction, this switch will automatically turn on or off certain systems such as: voice or data recording, emergency lighting, and fire control. The device remains latched until manually reset. This unit has been designed for applications where space is very limited. Mounting is achieved via threaded studs inside housing instead of base plate found on similar models. Please contact our engineering department for more details.

  • Specifications

    • Sensitivity: Hemispherical
    • Contact Type: SPDT
    • Contact Rating: 5.0A @ 28 VDC / 125 VAC
    • Contact Resistance: Less than 0.5 ohm
    • Insulation Resistance: 500 Mohms@500VDC
    • Reset: Latching, manual reset
    • G Range: 0.5 to 20
    • Operating Temperature F: -55 to 250
    • Termination: Connector
    • Seal: Hermetic 1 X 10-5 cc/sec
    • Accuracy: 10%
    • Damping: Undamped
  • Special Features

    • High reliability and accuracy
    • Small and lightweight
    • Hemispherical sensing
    • Latching with manual reset
    • Excellent crash detector
    • Cockpit voice recorder CVR cutoff
    • Flight data recorder FDR cutoff
    • Emergency lighting on
    • Fire suppression on
    • No Power Required
    • Impervious to EMI
    • Compact design with mounting studs
    • Environmentally sealed