Cockpit Displays

Inertia Switch Inc. is the legacy OEM for the Wagner Electric incandescent readout line, including the following part numbers:

DT4047E DT1677D
DT4284A DT4060A
DT4062A DT4061A
A4I200 DT4121A
A4I222 A2I094
A6I085 DT4059A
A7I054 DT4244A


DT1531A  DT2531D




Specialized machining processes for the product line include fine-tolerance machining of polycarbonate-epoxy composites, glass-filled epoxies, and filled-epoxy laminates. Strict formulas for dyes and filters yield excellent brightness, color, and sunlight-readability characteristics, verified with original lab equipment. All parts are manufactured based on original Wagner tooling and blueprints, in continuous production since 1999.