• Pedal to the Metal. Precision manufacturing at its best!

    For sixty years, customers in every demanding field (military, aviation, space, marine, industrial, transportation, laboratory, medical, among others) have turned to us with exacting requirements for critical applications in the harshest of environments. Our consistent reliability and quality has helped us build a strong reputation and loyal customer base that includes the largest aerospace OEM’s.

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  • Custom Manufacturing. Unique, like our clients!

    There is no project too small. Here are just a few of the services we perform for our clients on an ongoing basis:

    • Research, Design & Development
    • Precision Machining &  Rapid Prototyping
    • Incandescent Readouts & Avionics Displays
    • Medical Products, Surgical Instruments & Prosthetics
    • Lab Services and More

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  • Acceleration Switches

    Types and Features

    Standard or Custom, MIL-PRF-8805, Harsh Environment, Tenghs of G to Thousands, Latching, Adjustable, Omnidirectional, As small as TO-18

    Markets & Applications

    Crash, Shock, Acceleration, Velocity, Tilt, Motion, Spin, Launch, Safe Arm, Fuzing, Stage Seperation, Power cutoff, Flight Controls



  • Sealed Limit Switches

    Types and Features

    Standard or Custom, Hermetic, Resilient, Watertight, Low-Force, High-Overtravel, Plunger, Roller, Rotary, MIL-PRF-8805, Small Profile / Lightweight, Rugged, Harsh Environment

    Markets & Applications

    Limit, Proximity, Flight Controls, Doors, Hydraulic Controls, Missile Launchers, Landing Gear  More

  • Cockpit Displays

    Replacement Incandescent Display Components and Assemblies

    Inertia Switch’s experience in manufacturing precision miniature electromechanical components for the aerospace industry makes them ideally suited to bring the Wagner displays back into production. Inertia meets the needs of aircraft operators needing replacement display components and assemblies no longer available from their original manufacturers. More