About Our Company

Inertia Switch Inc. is a full-service design, engineering, and manufacturing firm founded in 1950. Since our inception, we have designed, qualified, and delivered thousands of types of products. We specialize in acceleration switches of all kinds, but we also manufacture limit switches, prostheses, incandescent digital displays, and many other standardized and unique products.

For over sixty (60) years customers in every demanding field (military, aviation, space, marine, industrial, transportation, laboratory, medical, among others) have turned to us with exacting requirements for critical applications in often harsh environments. Our consistant reliability and quality has helped us build a strong reputation and loyal customer base that includes most major aerospace OEM’s worldwide.

Our patented "Magnetically Restrained Seismic System" represents a significant advance in the state of the art of motion sensing and acceleration measurement. This system is utilized in the majority of our acceleration switches. These switches have established a unique record of accuracy and reliability in an array of programs throughout the world.

In addition to the existing standard products described throughout our website, Inertia Switch offers comprehensive design, engineering, and manufacturing resources for the development of new and/or custom products. Contact our staff with any requirement – no project is too difficult, no program too small.


  • Name:Inertia Switch Inc.
  • CAGE:21928
  • DUNS:001641034
  • JCP:0038946
  • Established:1950
  • SBA Class:Small Business
  • Ownership:Private
  • Asset Rating:10M+
  • Employees:20+
  • Facility:20,000 square feet