Unidirectional Momentary Normally Closed 6UC-923


Our model 6UC-923 is a highly reliable, normally closed, acceleration switch. This unit provides excellent electrical characteristics at low G levels. Small and lightweight, this unit can easily be mounted and potted in place for long service life in any commercial or military environment. Contact our engineering department for more details.

  • Specifications

    • Sensitivity: Unidirectional
    • Contact Type: SPST NC
    • Contact Resistance: Less than 2.0 ohm
    • Insulation Resistance: 500 Mohms@500VDC
    • Reset: Momentary, automatic reset
    • G Range: 3 to 100
    • Operating Temperature F: -55 to 250
    • Termination: Wire Leads
    • Seal: Hermetically Epoxy Sealed
    • Accuracy: 10%
    • Damping: Undamped
  • Special Features

    • Small and lightweight
    • Highly reliable & accurate
    • Low cost
    • Screw machined parts
    • Normally closed
    • Ideal for harsh enviroments
    • No power required
    • Impervious to EMI