Acceleration Switches

Tenths of a G to Thousands of G's, Unidirectional, Planar, Omnidirectional,  Hemispherical, Momentary, Latching, Resettable, Adjustable,  Hermetically Sealed, as Small as TO-18. 

Typical applications include Crash, Impact, Shock, Acceleration, Velocity, Tilt, Motion, Spin, Launch, Safe/Arm, Cutoff, Power Cessation, Rotation, Centrifugal Motion, Fuzing,  Stage Separation, Wake Up, Artillery and Ballistic Launch, Cut Off, Disturbance, Imbalance, Deployment, Safety Systems, Shipping Shock, and Machinery Protection.


  • General Purpose

    Our General Purpose Series covers an extensive range of commercial and military specifications.  

  • Aircraft Series

    The Aircraft Series contains switches commonly used in fixed-wing and helicopter applications.

  • Shock Indicators

    Inertia Switch offers a line of shock recorders and indicators for various commercial and military applications.

  • Miniature PCB

    The PCB Series Inertia switches are intended for applications where size is a critical factor. 

  • Missile Fuzing G Time

    Inertia Switch’s G time (velocity) product line offers highly reliable switching under specific acceleration versus time curves.  These products provide a high factor of safety in critical applications such as Missile Fuzing.

  • Space Applications

    The Space Series inertia switches are intended for the stringent deep space environment.