Unidirectional Latching Velocity Miniature Sensor 6UO-999


Our model 6UO-999 is a small lightweight extremely durable inertia switch. Each unit can be individually calibrated to meet tight tolerance acceleration vs time profiles. Often used is missile systems, this product accurately detects predetermined changes in velocity. Using proprietary reliable mechanical systems makes this product impervious to EMI and requires NO power for operation.

  • Specifications

    • Sensitivity: Unidirectional
    • Contact Type: SPDT
    • Contact Resistance: Less than 0.5 ohm
    • Reset: Latching, reverse g's reset
    • G Range: 3 to 100
    • Operating Temperature F: -55 to 250
    • Termination: Wire Leads
    • Seal: Hermetically Epoxy Sealed
    • Accuracy: 10%
    • Damping: Damped
  • Special Features

    • Highly reliable & accurate
    • No power required for operation
    • Small and lightweight
    • Fuzing, Arming, Stage seperation
    • Precise factory adjusted velocity
    • Latching redundant contacts
    • Excellent vibration and shock resistance
    • Robust over full military environment
    • Custom versions exist such as non latching
    • Used on Advanced Tactical Weapons
    • Durable CNC machined casing