Bidirectional 2 Channel Visual Shock Indicator SR-345


Model SR-345 is a visual shock recorder that can monitor G level forces on a single axis. Once the predetermined G level has been exceeded, a ball will appear in the window. The unit can then easily be reset by pushing a button. Upon special request, tamper proof seals can be provided. These durable units can be made in one, two, four, or six channel modes. Each different channel can also monitor different acceleration levels in different directions.

  • Specifications

    • Sensitivity: Unidirectional
    • Reset: Latching, manual reset
    • G Range: 1.2 to 100
    • Operating Temperature F: -55 to 250
    • Accuracy: 5%
    • Damping: Undamped
  • Special Features

    • No power required
    • Reusable many times
    • Available in 1,2,4, or 6 channels
    • Adjustable or factory preset
    • Enviromentally sealed
    • Tamper-proof seal available
    • Electrical contacts available
    • Extremely durable