Acceleration Switches

Tenths of a G to Thousands of G's, Unidirectional, Planar, Omnidirectional,  Hemispherical, Momentary, Latching, Resettable, Adjustable,  Hermetically Sealed, as Small as TO-18. 

Typical applications include Crash, Impact, Shock, Acceleration, Velocity, Tilt, Motion, Spin, Launch, Safe/Arm, Cutoff, Power Cessation, Rotation, Centrifugal Motion, Fuzing,  Stage Separation, Wake Up, Artillery and Ballistic Launch, Cut Off, Disturbance, Imbalance, Deployment, Safety Systems, Shipping Shock, and Machinery Protection.


  • General Purpose

    Our General Purpose Series covers an extensive range of commercial and military specifications.  

  • Aircraft Series

    The Aircraft Series contains switches commonly used in fixed-wing and helicopter applications.

  • Shock Indicators

    Inertia Switch offers a line of shock recorders and indicators for various commercial and military applications.

  • Miniature PCB

    The PCB Series Inertia switches are intended for applications where size is a critical factor. 

  • Missile Fuzing G Time

    Inertia Switch’s G time (velocity) product line offers highly reliable switching under specific acceleration versus time curves.  These products provide a high factor of safety in critical applications such as Missile Fuzing.

  • Space Applications

    The Space Series inertia switches are intended for the stringent deep space environment.

  • Sealed Limit Switches

    Sealed Limit Switches

    Types and Features

    Standard or Custom, Hermetic, Resilient, Watertight, Low-Force, High-Overtravel, Plunger, Roller, Rotary, MIL-PRF-8805, Small Profile / Lightweight, Rugged, Harsh Environment

    Markets & Applications

    Limit, Proximity, Flight Controls, Doors, Hydraulic Controls, Missile Launchers, Landing Gear  More

  • Cockpit Displays

    Cockpit Displays

    Replacement Incandescent Display Components and Assemblies

    Inertia Switch’s experience in manufacturing precision miniature electromechanical components for the aerospace industry makes them ideally suited to bring the Wagner displays back into production. Inertia meets the needs of aircraft operators needing replacement display components and assemblies no longer available from their original manufacturers. More

  • Contract Manufacturing